Welcome to First Baptist Church

You may be looking for a new church, heard something about us and want to know more, or perhaps you found us through the Internet.  Either way, welcome! We hope that you will take some time to explore our website and learn about who we are and how Christ is working in and through our church.

First Baptist Church is part of the American Baptist Churches (ABC) USA that exists as a denomination to offer its 5,800 churches a sense of family and to provide resources to support them in life-changing ministries undertaken in the name of Jesus Christ.

First Baptist Church acknowledges as its sole head, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of man. We believe that the Bible is the supreme and final authority of faith and conduct. First Baptist Church is a family-oriented church offering Christ-centered ministries for all ages. We believe we have a responsibility to be available to our friends and neighbors for biblically based faith, worship, and fellowship.

Our 14 classrooms buzz with learning on Sunday mornings. The entire building pulses with energy on Wednesday evenings when kids from all over our community come for AWANA. Family is a shared passion by our community, church, and its leadership. We believe that it is a passion of God’s too, as it was the first institution He created.

We desire to be a…

  • Place where parents find assistance and training to bring their children up to love and serve Jesus.
  • Place where youth and kids will want to bring their friends to learn what life is all about and have fun doing so.
  • Place where grandchildren want to come with their grandparent(s).
  • Place where singles can come and find a sense of family.
  • Community of faith where each person receives direction, encouragement, friendships, and inspiration to find Jesus and live for Him in every area of their life.

We would be honored if you visited and met some of our people. We think you just might want to become part of our family.

I hope to see you soon.

Senior Pastor Daryl Evans