What are Small Groups Anyway?

The Bible clearly teaches that the life God purposes us to live is not to be lived alone. We need each other! Why did God plan it that way? Because we are better together. God uses other people in your church family for your good and your growth.


Participation in a small group is an essential Bible taught, practiced and experienced method of living out God’s purposes for your life. Hear 1 Corinthians 1:10, You must learn to be considerate of one another, cultivating a life in common. Life together in the Bible is called fellowship. You cannot fellowship by yourself, nor can you fellowship in a crowd. True fellowship happens in a small group of people. That’s why Jesus had a small group of twelve disciples. He modeled fellowship.


Small groups are the remedy for loneliness. You can get lost in a large crowd. And, notice from the above verse, fellowship does not just happen. It must be intentionally cultivated. Fellowship means we are as committed to one another as we are to Jesus Christ. It goes beyond studying or socializing together and into deeper levels of serving one another and at times, even suffering together.


Jesus needed a small group and so do we.  You don’t need a small group:

      • if you have too many friends;
      • you will never need support to get through a tough time;
      • if you don’t care about other people and don’t want to offer support to them during a tough time;
      • if you are not interested in spiritual growth.


You may have been hurt or disappointed in a previous small group.  But, the remedy for that is a healthy small group where real fellowship occurs.  And, don’t be afraid, you won’t be asked to do or share anything you don’t want to.


We grow better together. In fellowship we learn life’s most important lesson—learning how to love. Without relationships we will never learn to be able to develop patience, kindness, unselfishness, forgiveness and all the other Christlike qualities that God wants us to possess.


Much of the above was taken from BETTER TOGETHER, by Rick Warren.


We encourage you to attend one of our Small Groups to see if they consist of people who could love you and who you could love.  And, if you don’t find one, we will help you start one!

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